The forecast for the next week calls for snow and colder temperatures so we are hopeful to be open by next Friday, December 19th if we have enough snow by then.

We are VERY close to opening and are excited to show you all the new Nordic Valley, however due to lack of cold temperatures & snowfall we have been forced to delay opening until the weather starts cooperating.  We’ve been making snow as fast as we can when temperatures allow for it, and the forecast looks good for next week.

If you have already purchased your seasons pass and emailed in your new photo to us, you will receive an email as soon as it is pre-printed and are ready for pickup.  If you would like us to pre-print your season pass, please send us a photo of each member on your pass to seasonspasses@nordicvalley.com with the order number in the subject line.

Under the new management, you will find that the things you already love about Nordic Valley are getting better, and there will be more skiable terrain on areas of the mountain you didn’t know existed!

Our new trail maps for 2014-15 are ready!  Click here to view our new trail map.

Nordic Valley