After School Program


Nordic Valley After School Program
Derek Taylor
January and February can be tough months for our family. It’s cold. It gets dark shortly after
school gets out. The excitement and constant flow of activities of the holiday season has ended.
If the kids are motivated, I can sometimes get them to play for 45 minutes in the backyard.
More often than not, they’d rather go straight inside, grab a snack, and start tearing apart the
house. By the time bedtime rolls around, we are all on the brink of insanity.
This winter I found a weekly respite from the madness through Nordic Valley’s After School
Program. The After School Program takes place one night a week for four consecutive weeks
over the months of January or February. The program is offered on Tuesday, Thursday, and
Friday nights—you sign up for a night and keep that same night for all four classes. The ski
program is open to kindergarteners to 17-year- olds. The snowboard version starts at 8 years old
and goes to 17.
At $200 for the four lessons, lift tickets, and rentals ($175 if you have your own equipment), It’s
a cost-effective way to introduce your child to skiing or snowboarding, or just get them on the
slopes once a week. When the two-hour class ends at 6:30, kids can free ski for the rest of the
night and parents get a $15 ticket for the night the kid is enrolled in the program.
My kindergartener has been skiing for three seasons and is comfortable on snow. He was
placed in a group with kids close to his own age and ability. On the hill, the instructor worked
on progressing his technique, and he seemed to take to the instruction in a way he usually
doesn’t from mom and dad. Mostly, though, he seemed to be having fun, bantering with the
other kids, offering encouragement to his classmates, and following the lead of the older kids
who were better than him.
The participants featured a full spectrum of skiers and snowboarders. There were kids sporting
season passes from other resorts, indicating this was not their first rodeo. But there were also
students who were just being introduced to the sport. Roughly 50 kids from throughout
Northern Utah are participating in the Thursday night session we are taking part in. The ski
school said the Tuesday night program has about the same number, while the Friday night class
has about 100.
From my kid’s perspective, our first night was a confidence builder. He was amped when it was
over, ready to tell me all about the class. He got to ski with kids close to his age, away from
mom and dad and without being shackled to the magic carpet with his little brother. While he’s
out with his class, I get some rare one-on- one time with our 3-year- old. Best of all: after a quick
dinner in the lodge, we made our way back to a clean house with two tired kids who were
ready for bed.
Registration for the February session is open now at program/