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Mountain Bike Group Lesson


Introduction to Mountain biking group lessons are available Sat & Sun 10 am-12 pm register your group or a single riders can join the group.  $39.00 per rider this includes your lift pass for the day.  Certified Instructors to teach you trail riding in a fun, safe environment. Nordic is an ideal mountain to learn to ride from beginner trails to experienced racers Nordic has the trail for you.

ALL Mountain Bike Riders Must wear helmets.


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Additional Info

Mountain Bike Manager-Patrick Smiles

Bike/Riding review will take place in the yurt with instructor.  Breaks, gears, suspension, proper bike sizing, saddle, protective gear, tire pressure, hydration, proper chairlift techniques etc. A small lesson will be given at the yurt about the basic parts of riding a bike. The group will go through the gears on the bike as well as breaks with some obstacles in the parking lot. The instructor will critique as necessary.

Training Trail

The class will load onto either the truck or the Gator side by side and this will take them to the top of Trainers trail. The group will then ride through the trail one by one while the instructor monitors the progress. The group will have to execute a few easy maneuvers at certain points in the trail. This is to ensure that they are confidant to ride elsewhere on the mountain.

Pine Canyon is a green level train that has some uphill as well as down hill. Both a very mellow and good for beginners. The instructor will combine all that has been taught including getting on/off the chairlift. The instructor will ride behind the group and monitor progress as well as offering encouragement in the climbs and safety in the descents. Lunch is recommend to bring or Nordic Valley will offer a packed lunch to enjoy while up on the Pine Canyon trail.  This should be a time consuming ride with a few stops, and even crossing running water.

The Rest Of The Mountain

At this point the group should be confidant to ride their mountain bike correctly as well as on their own. The other trails will be explained to them in great detail, for those who want to explore after the lesson.