Nordic Valley Terrain Park

Nordic Valley’s terrain park is accessible from the Crockett and Bridger lifts. We have designed our terrain park with a wide variety of features for all riders and all abilities. The park has beginner, and intermediate features to help you push your shredding to the next level.

Our goal is to provide a safe and well maintained park, so that your day of riding is fun and memorable. Our park is groomed nightly from top-to-bottom to ensure that each feature has a smooth take-off and a better landing. All of our features are hand raked daily to add the finishing touch.

It is VERY important that you Know the Code: The Skier Responsibility Code provides safety tips while on the slopes. Smart Style is a terrain park specific safety program that you should check out before using terrain parks.

Terrain Park Features

You will find Rails, and Box features along with Awesome Rollers and Kickers.

Key Points of Smart Style:

  • Make a plan and look before you leap!

  • Easy style it, respect gets respect!

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